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Osmosis Machine is a new not-for-profit organisation currently classed as an unincorporated association run for the benefit of creative practitioners and educational groups promoting scientific methods combined with fine art practices. Members are by association and collaboration.

Management group

Brendan Bunting - Chairman
Adrian Pritchard - Secretary and Art Director

Founder artist and educationalist
Adrian Pritchard - Gloop Installations

List of associate artists and makers

Alistair Parker - Drawing Machines
Tim Gibbon - Seutphatt
Cross - The Machine Urban Landscape
Mark Peatfield- Ego Machine Paintings Tlön, Uqbar, Orbis Tertius
William Roe - Slug Traps
Antony Hall -  Coffee Cup Oscillator
Boo Chapple - Inventions for the end of the world & Solar Oven hats
Sean Payne - Sean Paynes Single Stroke Mark Making Line Drawing Alleviation Apparatus
Derrick Roberts - Extendable Polly tunnel
Infected by Design - Tumbler Machino Mecha Tigron
John Morrow - Acoustic String Exhaust Instrument
Ben Marshall - Cymatics
Michael Cassidy - Painting Jig Device
Jason Simpson - Neo Gallery Director
Claire Griffiths - Photographer

With Special thanks to countless many volunteers and organisations

Osmosis Machine aims to bridge the understanding between arts and science by maintaining and developing links with schools, universities, museums, galleries, local authorities and Improve art audiences in areas of low arts participation by targeting those areas and inspiring creative thinking through out those communities.