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under construction 13/01/13

Red Matter Sylph green shitsu Rebido polershift Beige blue coriolis Marb coriolis
rainbo aparted tiger slade chelsea cascade grey stripe moo purpora noir
blue bonsaidrip Midus bleed noir academy gloop pot oscillopod blue mask
shop cumulus aquilis wino floormounds stringpool Grey smll cube choc un-strung
strings3 spageti bush net spin York spider hoteru superfluous canopy spin drip
honey ninjin choc3 aquaduct Thomas Storey Room Olympus Mons 3d fay un-strung
contrast shalom mono ninjin fractus grey flush bodmin junta blue opal
coriolis coriolis3 purple blu safron Soel bird blu aquilis Yello aurora


Artist and gallerist Adrian Pritchard captures motion in his paintings using practiced techniques such as pouring on a single point on a flat canvas before spinning to disperse the colours. The works are left to dry flat for several months. Some ‘grow’ thick layers of paint which can produce stalactite-like forms; others crack revealing sub-layers below.
These accompany kinetic art installations – a live work in progress during exhibition's. Viscous liquids are chosen for their symmetrical and entropic qualities – watching paint dry has never been so interesting.

Yasmin Ali British Architects Journal 2009 The Critics Choice August 2009

Artist Adrian Pritchard “Investigates the nature of Matter” via “Viscous Substances, entropy and symmetry”. I think that means he pours, spins and throws paint at stuff and it LOOKS COOL. I’m in!

Lauren Laverne Top 5 Must see Grazia July 2009


unsteady states 2010