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One shop, two windows, six plinths and one hundred cups of paint

Play the game "Overflow" and create a unique art installation for the New Mills Art Festival 2016

An interactive performance with artist Adrian Pritchard. The public are invited to take part in this exciting launch event for #NMFestivalArtTrail2016 by helping to create a poured paint sculpture that will be on display as part of the trail for the two-week festival. Adrian is a contemporary artist whose work explores the materiality of the medium, allowing the paint to create its own shapes and patterns through gravity and time.

Click on You Tube Link for Demonstration

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Apex Travel, 49 Market St, New Mills SK22 4AA
Special Launch Event: Saturday 10, 12 noon start
As part of New Mills festival 9 - 25 September 2016
Venue - Apex Travel


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